Summary of Budget Revisions

An even larger class will be commissioned and sent out this summer. However, the goal of 215 mission workers by year’s end may not be reached, given the concern for reduced giving due to the economy and a higher-than-expected number of long-time personnel returning from the field. We take care in proper recruiting to fill both the newly created positions as well as those vacated by returning mission workers. Because these new mission worker positions are funded by giving over-and-above Basic Mission Support from congregations, the support of the whole church will be needed to reach this goal.

· Also in World Mission: a training event for mission personnel in the Middle East and Central Asia has been cancelled, the area offices will have fewer funds available to support global partners, and a vacant administrative assistant position has been eliminated.

· Vital work with Christian educators through the POINT Network, APCE, and presbytery resource centers will support congregational education and the new core curricula developed for PC(USA). The Associate for Educational Ministries joins the staff of Congregational Ministries Publishing (CMP). CMP is also being reorganized to focus on core curriculum products. One associate and several vacant positions will be eliminated.

· Staff from the Office of Youth Ministries will move to Evangelism and Church Growth, where they will combine with Collegiate Ministries. They will focus on outreach to young people through congregations and the existing network of campus ministries. The office will continue to put on the Youth Triennium, which attracts thousands of young people every three years. Two Collegiate Ministries staff positions will be eliminated.

· The Office of Theology and Worship will continue to serve the ordered ministries of the church (deacon, elder, and minister of the Word and Sacrament) as well as other congregational leaders, through established communities of disciplined prayer and study. Two full-time associates serving in this area will reduce their hours to half-time in order to pursue their chosen educational and vocational interests, providing budget savings.

· The Evangelism program area will be revamped to focus efforts on helping presbyteries, congregations, and individuals share the good news of Jesus Christ. To this end, two new offices of church and personal evangelism will be created.

· The GAC has used the same grant methodology for more than 15 years to support new church developments and transformations. A process is underway to reassess the way resources are provided to new and transforming congregations. Funding continues to be available to support current ongoing projects and new projects will be funded only in the first half of 2009. In the second half of 2009, new grants will suspended as we evaluate a new program design, and roll out a new funding structure and methodology by 2010. This decision saves $200,000 in 2009.

· The Office of Multicultural Ministry will join the Racial Ethnic and Women’s Ministries/ Presbyterian Women ministry area. This office will complement the new Office of Cross-Cultural Ministries and Congregational Support, which will engage in “mission in reverse,” by consulting with European-American congregations and assisting them in their efforts to grow Christ’s church in diversity and to share the gospel in an increasingly diverse culture. In order to support this new position, the number of very part-time term contract field staff currently serving Multicultural Ministries will be reduced.

· Support for the Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association will be combined with the Child Advocacy office, whose network is already part of PHEWA. The GAC will continue to provide funding and staff support to these vital networks while making a concerted effort to help them grow to self-sufficiency through grassroots leadership. One associate position will be eliminated.

· The National Health Ministries office will be eliminated, as many of its current functions are now widely available throughout the U.S., and the program has been successful in creating an infrastructure for health ministry through congregations across the country. One associate and one contract position will be eliminated.

· A new coordinator position for interpretation will be created in the office of the Director of Compassion Peace and Justice, while an administrative assistant position in that office will be eliminated.

· The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program will be revitalized to make it more agile and responsive to the needs of the church and the world today. The values of peace, which are timeless, need to be delivered to the up-and-coming generation in timely ways – which means doing things in new ways. For that reason, the Peacemaking office will undertake a mission study in anticipation of its first significant restructure in decades. The positions of a part-time associate and two administrative assistants will be eliminated.

· Financial Aid for Studies – At the end of 2008, the Financial Aid for Studies office moved from Evangelism & Church Growth to the Vocation ministry area, where it was better aligned with other ministry functions. Following the incumbent coordinator’s retirement, staffing for this program reduced from three positions to two, which allowed us to save undesignated dollars and to focus more of the declining restricted dollars on aid to students.

· Financial support for the Presbyterian Council for Chaplains and Military Personnel will be reduced by approximately 5 percent. Some of this reduction may be offset by increased giving to an Extra Commitment Opportunity account. The GAC will continue to examine new ways of supporting Presbyterian chaplains and military personnel.


Communications and Funds Development

· A November 2008 decision to outsource video production has produced savings which are reflected in the revised budget. The previously announced reshaping eliminated five positions (two vacant) and created two new positions.

· Graphic design services within Communications & Funds Development are being consolidated, eliminating one designer position in Presbyterians Today.

· Church Financial Campaign Services has been re-organized to achieve a more flexible and economically stable financial model. Campaign consultants have shifted – at their recommendation – to a new plan under which they are paid only for the campaigns they engage. Five vacant positions were eliminated.

· Further program reductions were also made in this area.


Shared Services

· Maintenance of existing capital assets has been superb. As a result, the service life of many items has been extended, allowing us to delay the purchase of replacement equipment, and saving the budget $500,000.

· Hubbard Press, a subsidiary corporation that produces offering envelopes, has been very successful in delivering a quality product and producing revenue in excess of their expenses. As a result, Hubbard Press has not only increased its annual contribution toward GAC Mission by $15,000, but they have also been able to make a one-time gift of $350,000 toward extending the cause of Christ around the world.

· Cost-reduction measures have been taken in these areas:

· Building hours –the Presbyterian Center will close at 7 p.m. daily, instead of 8 p.m. Saturday hours will be eliminated.

· Mail/Print Center –a vacant position within Mail/Print services will be eliminated.

· Eight positions in Information Technology were eliminated earlier this month, in keeping with strategic goals of being more pluggable, flexible, and customer service-focused.

· Several contracts with external vendors have been re-negotiated – maintaining service levels at reduced costs.

· Available space at the Presbyterian Center is being leased to external companies. Currently 10,000 square feet is under lease, with additional space available.


Across-the-board changes:

· A furlough for all employees May 18-22, 2009 (previously announced) 

· 15 percent reduction in travel expenses

· 10 percent reduction in postage expenses



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