Advent 1: “… where war is a staple of life …”

Mercy alters places the phrase describes;

mercy’s time, wisdom, weariness or loss.

Few escape war as life’s bread and butter —

not Iraq, Sudan or Somalia

Georgia (the nation, or state), Serbia

Bosnia, Vietnam or Tibet

Myanmar or Burma by any name

these United States of America

fhe Falklands or Koreas, Cambodia

Pakistan, Kurdistan, Afghanistan

or any other “Stan,”

boy soldiers, girl, woman or man soldiers

in-surgencies or out-surgencies, terrors

or counter terror — war is a staple.

Isaiah sings a melody by heart;

like him who used the phrase to pray

for people in places

where war is a staple of life.

Now lean towards that Bethlehem stable.

Drones there are worker bees, not sky spies.

Silos hold grain, not war-headed missiles.

There by the stable, peace is a staple.

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