Vacation Bible School 2012

Whatever your church situation, you will find a vacation Bible school curriculum that will fit your need. Below are some of the ones we found available. You’ll need to explore for yourself the material and determine if it is suitable for your church.


Augsburg/Fortress is moving

in a different direction with VBS.


ReNew. Sparkhouse, a division of Augsburg/Fortress, has developed a downloadable curriculum that encourages conversation and care about creation. By serving in the community and inviting the community into church, kids demonstrate that being green can be easy, faithful and fun. Although current threats to our environment can seem scary, ReNew is about hope, opportunity and service. Kids and congregations lead the way as stewards of the earth. What happens when heads, hearts and hands are in harmony? Kids grow in faith, have fun and change the world.

Spark. Originally created as a Sunday School resource, this material may be adapted for VBS. Spark offers three curriculum model options, including Classroom, Lectionary and Rotation. Spark Rotation lends itself easily to vbs programming. Bible-centered, it encourages kids to open the Scriptures and explore God’s Word through a variety of age-appropriate activities designed to accommodate all of the different ways children learn.


Cokesbury/Abingdon Press

has two offerings this year.


Operation Overboard: Dare to Go Deep with God! Children will journey miles below the surface into God’s Word to find what true faith is all about. Through interactive lessons that are easy for kids to apply to their lives, they will “go deep” into God’s Word, exploring Bible stories of people who revealed deep faith by knowing how to: depend on God, dare to care, claim Jesus, choose to follow and change the world.

No Friend Like Jesus: Get Connected. This curriculum is designed to move participants of all ages into a life-giving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The Bible lessons form the foundation for an experience that will open the hearts and minds of participants to see themselves as specially made by God, physically, culturally and spiritually. The Scripture is chosen to show the different ways God has communicated in the Bible, through teaching, poetry, story and letter, making connections with humanity from creation to eternal life. From the African talking drum to the smartphone, participants will interactively experience Christian community and be encouraged to believe and send a message that Jesus is their best friend.


Concordia Publishing’s VBS offering

this year is Amazing Desert Journey.


The desert theme provides a backdrop for a clear presentation of the gospel message. The contrasting imagery of the desert landscape and the lush oasis are hooks that engage a child’s mind in understanding that our lives in this world are refreshed and renewed by God’s Word in the oasis of his church, while our savior Jesus is leading us to our true home in heaven. Each day the children dig into the Bible and learn the wonderful accounts of their salvation.


Congregational Ministries Publishing (PCUSA) has material for sale from previous years.


Congregational Ministries Publishing brings you exciting Vacation Bible School experiences at markdown prices! While quantities last, you can save 75 percent off ALL past years of VBS including Baobab Blast, Discovery Canyon, Rainforest Adventure, Great Bible Reef and Around the World in 5 Days. Quantities are limited.

Great Commission Publications


The King Is Coming. God’s covenant with his people is a story that starts with creation and is fulfilled with the King’s return. This five–day program helps children see that all of Scripture is about God pursuing a relationship with his people. A mission project involves the children in proclaiming God’s covenant love.


Group Publishing


Sky: Everything Is Possible With God. Your church becomes the sky as the children gather in groups to explore the sky-ways and discover that by trusting in God, everything is possible. Children will rotate through seven stations each day with their “flight crew.” Each small group consists of five elementary-age children led by an adult or teenage “crew leader.” The daily “Bible point” is reinforced in creative ways at each station, ensuring that each child understands the message.

Babylon: Daniel’s Courage in Captivity. Children and adults follow a daily rotation model and “time-travel” back to ancient Babylon! In their small groups, called “tribes,” they’ll meet Daniel and learn about his breathtaking experiences at each activity. Each day, kids will learn an easy-to-remember “Bible point” as well as a corresponding key Bible verse. These Scripture passages take on new meaning as kids and adults are immersed in the culture of ancient Babylon.


Gospel Light


SonRise National Park. Your church becomes SonRise National Park. Each of the five days children will explore different parts of the park. They’ll learn the most important survival skill of all: They can always depend on Jesus and his promises of true peace, true riches, true power, true love and true hope! Children will learn to trust Jesus as their all-powerful guide and savior.


Lifeway Christian Resources


Amazing Wonders Aviation. Children explore Psalm 147:5 during this five-day rotation program, using the backdrop of a global journey by air. They’ll recognize God’s power over all things, trust that God is always in control, accept God’s gift of forgiveness, celebrate that Jesus is alive and rely on God’s power.

Club VBS: SpaceQuest. Through a journey in space children will explore the mission Jesus has for them in John 14:6. They will jet to space stations for crafts, snacks and recreation.


Living Waters for the World

(Synod of Living Waters, PCUSA)


Clean Water for All God’s Children! This is a mission-focused VBS program developed by the Synod of Living Waters. Children move among five stations: Bible story, mission, crafts, music and recreation (preschoolers, however, have a slightly different schedule). Station leaders teach the same lesson each day to multiple groups. Group guides stay with the same group of children for the entire VBS to build relationships. The curriculum can be used from year to year in a variety of settings — VBS, Sunday School, retreats, Wednesday night programs, etc.


Regular Baptist Press


BugZone: Transformed by Our Big God. Written specifically with Baptist congregations in mind, BugZone uses Scripture from either the King James Version or the New King James Version. The curriculum challenges students to respond to God’s wonderful love with love, trust and courageous obedience. The BugZone theme verse expresses the desires of a person whose life has been transformed by God to thank him, call upon him and tell others about him.


Standard Publishing


Adventures on Promise Island: Where Kids Discover God’s Lifesaving Love. With the background of an island paradise, children will learn about God’s promises through the five lessons: I am with you, I will save you, I care about you, I will answer you and I give you what you need. God’s promises never change, but individual lives will.