The Lowly Will Be Lifted Up (preview)

Biblical references: Luke 1:39-55; Psalm 146:7; Matthew 25:31-46
Tune: Attributed to William Croft, 1708 (“Our God, Our Help in Ages Past”)  

The lowly will be lifted up, the humble will arise,
And hungry homes will overflow with all that God supplies.

O God, we sing of blessedness as we await Christ’s birth;
May we who know abundant love reach out to love your earth.

As Mary sang her thanks and praise, we sing of living Bread.
May we reach out to share Christ’s life till all the world is fed.

It’s living Bread we gladly share, and bread for bodies, too.
Remind us, when we feed the poor, we’re giving food to you.

God, you uphold the cause of those who hunger, long-oppressed.
May we your church seek justice here, and share your blessedness.

In many ways, you bless your world with good and wondrous things;
And so with Mary, we proclaim, “With joy my spirit sings.”

Text: Copyright © 2015 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.

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