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Reach more readers with advertising in the Outlook!

Looking to call a pastor? Seeking a new staff member? Do you have a beach home or mountain retreat you want to advertise? Wanting to invite others to a church celebration? Want  to celebrate with the larger church the life and ministry of people who have recently joined the church triumphant? Advertising in the Outlook is a great way to reach Presbyterian church leaders at both the national and grassroots levels.

Who are we? For nearly 200 years, the Presbyterian Outlook has been a trusted independent source of news to Presbyterians. We publish 26 times a year (every other week). Nearly 70 percent of our readers are ordained teaching elders.

AdvertisingThere are two styles of classified advertising.

The boxed style classified ad (also called display ad) is eye-catching because of the possibility of including graphics and a border wrapped around the text. The rate is $72 per inch per column. This buys one print ad and a two week stay on our Web classified page.

Email your text and graphic to Patrick Shanley for pricing.

The plain style classified ad is text-only. Rates below are for the bundled service – one print ad with two weeks on the Web classified page.

The rate for churches with membership less than 250 is $2.20 per word.
The rate for churches with membership more than 250 is $2.70 per word.
For individuals placing an ad to sell, rent or for celebrations contact Patrick Shanley for rates.

Deadlines: We need advertising material about 5 weeks ahead of when you want to see it in print. Web-only ads have greater flexibility in timing.

Click here to download sample classifieds from the print magazine.

Advertising Sales Associate:
Patrick Shanley