Formulating an Integrative Christian Ethic

A LIVE 90-minute webinar presented by Jack Haberer
Tuesday, July 12 at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT)

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Does the Bible really say what others say it says?  Does that decision you’re considering boil down to simple right and wrong options?  Might there be multiple choices, any one of which could reflect God’s wisdom?

In this webinar, Jack Haberer will help you figure out what to do when life gets complicated and the distinctions between good and bad are not so clear.  Using Bible passages as a guide – and proposing ways better to understand those passages that seem to contradict each other – he will affirm and then challenge many closely held beliefs, making traditional distinctions between “conservative” and “liberal” Christians obsolete.

It's ComplicatedJack Haberer will draw from his latest book, “It’s Complicated: A Guide to Faithful Decision Making” (though you do not need to have read the book to benefit from the webinar).

Why attend?
The webinar will provide a framework – indeed, a toolkit –  to help you make faithful decisions in the face of moral dilemmas.

Who should attend?
Pastors, church leaders and thinking Christians.

If you have a group larger than 6, please contact Jana Blazek for group pricing.

HabererJACK HABERER is a Presbyterian pastor and the former editor of the Presbyterian Outlook.  He is the author of “GodViews: The Convictions the Drive us and Divide Us.” 

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