PC(USA) colleges – October 24, 2016

198-22-coverThe digital issue of the Presbyterian Outlook’s October 24, 2016 issue is now available!  It is viewable on most computers, tablets, and smartphones.

College life is complex. In this issue we look at a campus ministry engaged in healing racial division, the painful reality of rape culture on campuses and the important role Christian colleges play in shaping vocation.

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Learning, faith and service Schreiner University is one the PC(USA)-affiliated colleges helping students think in terms of vocation, of the idea of “calling” and what constitutes a meaningful life.

Black lives on campus The UKirk Presbyterian student ministry at the University of Virginia is taking action to stand in solidarity with students of color.

Campus sexual assault Presbyterian college students reflect on this reality and share how UKirk is guiding the discussion.

Presbyterian Mission Agency board meeting Leslie Scanlon reports on decisions made about Ghost Ranch and the new board structure

The Outsider Part two of the Presbyterian Writers Guild winning short story.