“Lord, If Only You Had Been Here” (preview)


“Lord, if only you had been here, one I love would not have died.”
Martha shared her grief with Jesus in these words she sadly cried.
Jesus said, “I’m resurrection. Martha, do you know it’s true?
I’m the life for which you’re longing.” She said, “I believe in you!”

“Lord, if only you had been here!” Jesus heard these words again.
Mary, sitting home and waiting, spoke to Jesus of her pain.
So our Lord was deeply troubled in this world of death and sin.
Sometimes all we see is struggle; death and evil seem to win.

“Lord, if only you had been here,” we cry out when all goes wrong—
When our grief is overwhelming, when life’s troubles seem so strong.
Then, O Lord, we hear your answer: “I am resurrection— See!
Not just in some distant future— I am life! Now live in me!”

When we share your resurrection, when we know that you are life,
We find courage for our living in this world of pain and strife.
We your church will work for justice, welcome strangers, help the poor.
Faced with death, we’ll be a witness: you are with us, Risen Lord.

Biblical Reference: John 11:1-45
Tune: BEACH SPRING D (“God Whose Giving Knows No Ending”) The Sacred Harp, 1844; attributed to Benjamin Franklin White.
Text: Copyright © 2017 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.

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