Hymns for Lent and Easter

New hymns for Lent and Easter by Presbyterian poet J. Barrie Shepherd!

This year, Presbyterian minister and author of several beloved volumes of poetry, J. Barrie Shepherd, has crafted seasonal hymns for the Presbyterian Outlook. His new hymn texts are set to familiar tunes.

Your hymn purchase includes downloads of  a PDF of the lyrics scored with the music for a half-page regular sheet of paper, a second PDF of the lyrics scored with music for a half-page of legal-sized paper (large print) and a document with lyrics only. You have permission to print as many copies as needed for your use. Each hymn is just $10!


Deep in the Heart of Winter (click here to preview the hymn text)
A hymn for early Lent
ANGEL’S STORY (“Oh Jesus, I Have Promised”)

Deep in the heart of winter, when days seem cold and bleak
Our faith calls us to enter this space of seven weeks.
We turn to prayer and fasting, take scripture as our guide,
Prepare our souls for Easter, and joyful Eastertide.

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A Hymn for Easter Day (click here to preview the hymn text)
AURELIA (“The Church’s One Foundation”)

Then women came to tend him
Before the break of day
To bind his broken body
The stone was rolled away
They feared their Lord was stolen
That body they held dear
They found instead two angels
Their message true and clear

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BarrieShepherd-1312J. Barrie Shepherd is an award winning poet and an honorably retired PC(USA) pastor, the author of many books.