God’s World Is Changing (hymn preview)

First Sunday Year C

God’s World Is Changing
BUNESSAN D (“Morning Has Broken”)

God’s world is changing; where is it going?
Nations are raging; look at their fear!
Many are anxious, filled with forboding;
We wait in faith, for God’s reign is near.

“Look at the fig tree!” See what it’s doing.
Look at the signs in heaven above.
God is at work here, building, renewing,
Some are afraid, but we know God’s love.

This world is drifting, filled with distraction!
Many are wandering; some fall away.
We wait in faith! We’re ready for action.
We’re on our guard to greet God’s new day.

What should we do, Lord, while we are waiting?
Some just sit back while troubles increase.
Others respond by fighting and hating.
We hear your call to work for your peace.

Lord, may we use each day that we’re given—
Helping the hungry, homeless and poor.
Then we’ll be ready for what you’re bringing
When Christ will come and reign evermore.

Biblical references: Psalm 25:5-10; Luke 21:25-36; Matthew 25:31-46
Tune: Gaelic melody

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