Jesus’ Parents Left the Temple (hymn preview)

Christmas Year C

Jesus’ Parents Left the Temple
W ZLOBIE LEZY (“Infant Holy, Infant Lowly”)

Jesus’ parents left the Temple with a traveling caravan.
They were sure their son was with them as they left Jerusalem.
Soon they cried, “We cannot find him!”
He was somehow left behind them,
So they went to search for him.

They went back and finally found him with the teachers of the Law.
What they witnessed was astounding! What a wondrous sight they saw.
For the questions he was raising
Showed his knowledge was amazing;
All who heard him were in awe.

Still his mother had to scold him, for she’d known a parent’s fear.
“We were worried!” Mary told him. “when we could not find you near!”
Jesus answered Mary, saying,
“Did you not know I’d be staying
In my Father’s house, right here?”

God of love, with earthly parents, Jesus listened, learned, and grew.
In the Temple, in your presence, he knew he was home with you.
We’re reminded of his wisdom;
He already knew his mission
And the work that he would do.

Biblical Reference: Luke 2:41-52
Tune: Polish melody
Text: Copyright © 2012 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.

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