Poetry & story — January 21, 2019

God speaks not only through the words of preaching and teaching, but also through fiction and poetry. The Outlook received many ideas and submissions for this issue, and discovered that poets and storytellers abound in the community of faith. We are grateful for all of them and especially thankful for the voices of those included in these pages. We trust you will be blessed through their words.

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That something that happens Words matter — and the right words matter even more, according to Andrew Taylor-Troutman.

Benjamin A short story by David W. Johnson

Scrolls Poetry by Nadine Ellsworth-Moran

The dinner party Poetry by Nadine Ellsworth-Moran

How to Not Be Afraid Poetry by Charlotte Matthews

Blue-Eyed Snake Poetry by Paul Hooker

Joseph’s Bones Poetry by Paul Hooker

The Steward of the Underside of the Table Poetry by Slats Toole