There by the Cross, the Women Stayed (preview)

ST. CATHERINE (“Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me”)  

There by the cross, the women stayed,
with the disciple loved by you.
Jesus, you were abused, betrayed.
Why couldn’t others wait there, too?
Why did the others not remain
as you were dying there, in pain?

Christ, we confess, we do this, too;
we flee from sorrow, grief and loss.
You came to bring a world made new;
we do not want to bear the cross.
Just like those ones who fled in fear,
we want a safer journey here.

Teach us, O Lord, to stay nearby;
teach us to stand with those in pain.
Teach us to hear our neighbor’s cry;
teach us to risk for love again.
May we stay with the poor and lost;
may we remain beside your cross.

Biblical Reference:  John 19:26-27
Tune: Henri Frederick Hemy, 1864 (“Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me”)
Text: Copyright © 2019 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.
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