This Day of Resurrection Joy (preview)

FOREST GREEN D   (“All Beautiful the March of Days”)

This day of resurrection joy reminds us what is true:
That Christ is raised, and Christ is Lord, and we have work to do.
Christ’s reign has surely come to earth and caught us by surprise:
And we who know that wondrous truth are called to live new lives.

One day when the disciples met, afraid, behind locked doors,
The Lord appeared and offered them a peace that still endures.
“Just as the Father sent me forth, now I am sending you.”
He said, “Receive the Spirit’s power,” and gave them work to do.

So filled with resurrection joy, we make Christ’s presence known,
For Christ goes with us to each place, and we are not alone.
We share our faith and serve the poor; we love, forgive and pray.
We trust the risen Lord to be close by us every day.

Biblical Reference:  John 20:1-18
Tune: Traditional English melody; English Hymnal, 1906
Text: Copyright © 2019 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.

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