200 years of shaping the church — Dec. 23, 2019

For 200 years, the Presbyterian Outlook and our ancestor publications sought to share news and shape the life of the Presbyterian Church. We spent this year looking back and learning from our past, marveling at the courage of some of our predecessors and lamenting the too many times our pages propagated theology that sought to justify the evil of slavery and discrimination. This issue is the culmination of events, lectures, prayers and reflection. We still have much to learn and we pray that these words and the ones yet to come glorify God and build up the Body of Christ.

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Being the best church we can be in an ever-changing world Health Rada reflects on the legacy of the Outlook in the life of the Presbyterian Church.

Navigating between “Amen” and “No” Theodore Wardlaw commemorates the first 200 years of the Presbyterian Outlook by reflecting on its witness.

Flesh in the world At our 200th anniversary celebration, Brian Blount offered “a Presbyterian Outlook for our time.”

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