Who is God, really? — Feb. 24, 2020

Who is God, really? This issue is the first of four that explore basic theological questions from a Reformed perspective. We begin with this question of God’s identity and character. Next we will ask: Who are we, honestly? Followed by: What does God have to do with us? And finally: What do we have to do with each other? Each issue will include a section with discussion questions in the hope that you will continue these conversations in your congregation. We welcome hearing how you wrestle with these important tenets of our faith.

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God is a (somewhat) knowable mystery The mystery, as it turns out, is not that “who God is, really” lies beyond our comprehension; the mystery is that we can know the God who is always greater than our best understandings.

God is triune Three in one, One in three. The church has maintained since the third century that that Trinity is who God is, really.

God is the Incarnate God, in Christ, not only became human, but the very
least of humans.

Discussion questions This guide will help you discuss the articles in this issue as a congregation or small group.