Who are we, honestly? — March 16, 2020

The Outlook’s four-part series on basic questions of faith continues with this issue addressing the question: Who are we, honestly? Sinner or saint? Beloved child of God, but finite and frail. Redeemed and reconciled, but still totally depraved. Join the conversation and expand it in your context using the discussion questions provided.

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God’s, yet… We belong to God. Yet, when we consider our full humanity, we realize that though we may deserve God’s condemnation, we are not condemned.

Sinners redeemed by God Naming who we are honestly is an essential Reformed practice.

Sinful bearers of divinity Seeing ourselves with radical honesty is the first step in reconciliation — with God and with others.

Discussion questions This guide will help you discuss the articles in this issue as a congregation or small group.

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