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What do we have to do with each other? — April 27, 2020

The Outlook continues its four-part series on basic questions of faith, asking in this issue: What do we have to do with each other? This question feels especially relevant as we navigate the impact of the global pandemic. This season makes undeniable the reality that we need each other and are created to be in community. Read these articles, use the discussion questions and explore with your community what you have to do with one another.

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Witness to the common good The love of God gives hope for community and communion that can cross barriers.

Where we put the emphasis Humanity struggles with interconnectedness, but God created people to belong to each other.

Discussion questions This guide will help you discuss the articles in this issue as a congregation or small group.

Overtures coming to GA Steve Salyards offers an overview of proposed constitutional changes.

Pondering in the pandemic Christians can look to the resources of the Reformed faith as a foundation to face COVID-19.