The 224th GA — August 3, 2020

What happened at the historic virtual 224th General Assembly? While votes were taken and business was completed, what did not happen and how the meeting was conducted may prove to be more noteworthy. This issue details some key moments and important take-aways from the assembly.  Find all of our GA coverage at

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The inherent problem of whiteness in our polity Jill Duffield considers: Does PC(USA) polity work well in the current faced-paced world?

New GA co-moderators Elona Street-Stewart and Gregory Bentley were elected on the first ballot.

Per capita  GA approved a small increase to per capita for the next two years.

GA affirms Black lives matter The assembly approved a resolution pledging to confront and dismantle systemic racism.

The unfolding of an assembly This GA invited an examination of privilege, power and procedure.

What are the lessons from the 224th GA? The Committee on the Office of the General Assembly met to discuss what went well and what did not.

Practicing stewardship in a difficult year How do churches develop cultures of stewardship and generosity in a time like this?