Repairer of the breach — October 5, 2020

What is the call of Christians in making amends for historical and present wrongs? How are people of faith to be repairers of the breach? While the church often talks of reconciliation, less frequently does she discuss repair, reparations, in order to make tangible in our life together the reconciliation accomplished through Christ. As institutions of higher learning and even municipalities enact reparations, what are churches called to do?

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Why the talk of reparations? Paying reparations has become an increasing part of public discourse. Leslie Scanlon provides a historical overview.

Reparations in action Universities, seminaries and churches are beginning to investigate and confront their own histories involving slavery.  Leslie Scanlon reports.

The racial dance Scripture calls for confession of the truth and the facilitation of reconciliation — both needed for the church to confront the sin of racism.

We need to talk Talking about reparations is critical to the church’s work of anti-racism.

Bus ride to truth A congregation journeys together to learn about race in America.