Navigating change — Oct. 4, 2021

Everything is changing. That is the current reality. How do churches face this change with wisdom, faith and hope? What needs to be unlearned? What can be reimagined? What needs to be reexamined in order to move forward faithfully? What is God’s vision for communities of faith? This issue focuses on how to navigate and negotiate change to transform lives and ministries for God’s good work.

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Collective imagination Jessica Tate suggests that the church can build what it first imagines.

What does the church need to unlearn from the pandemic? Tod Bolsinger is convinced there is much for church leaders to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Navigating pastoral transitions Barbara Wheeler wonders if there might be a better way forward for Presbyterians.

A vital congregation changes hearts and lives The vitality of a congregation grows as the mindset of its members is influenced toward new values, assumptions and beliefs regarding living as a child of God, says Ronald Anderson.