Challenging ageist attitudes and stereotypes — Jan. 17, 2022

We hope you like the new look of our pages in this first issue of 2022 with updated font and more pictures of our contributors! This issue addresses ageist attitudes and stereotypes among other things. To do this, we explore a program at Eckerd College that pairs college students and elder adults, think about purposeful retirement, and dwell in the self-sacrificial love of caregivers, thinking specifically about how the church can support them.

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Addressing ageism with connection Eckard College’s Professor of Human Development Tamar E. Shovali shares the learning that happens in an intergenerational environment.

Building intergenerational bridges Angela Eckerd College student Julia Bennet reflects on her MentorUp experience where she connected with local senior citizens.

Straddling the care gap Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty explores the contemporary context of caregiving and how the church can support caregivers.

Purposeful retirement Mark D. Hinds adjusts to his recent retirement and looks for God in the transition.

Some Days Poetry by Barbara Wood Gray

Holy Communion in a time of COVID-19 Leslie Scanlon explores how PC(USA) elders are being trained to serve increasingly small, virtual congregations.