A Psalm 27 prayer for the people of Ukraine

“Whom shall I fear?”

Creator God, this question of Psalm 27 is not rhetorical for the Ukrainians who are threatened by the buildup of Russian troops and saber-rattling on their borders.

Lord, be their light and their salvation. Protect the Ukrainians whom we watch on the nightly news — the elder veteran pacing an old army trench, the grandmother in her pink housecoat taking up arms, the mother and her teenagers practicing at the shooting range, the common citizens answering the call to protect their homeland, their communities, and their right to live free and secure. Strengthen President Zelenskyy as he jets from one country to the next, rallying the support of allies, while also attending to his citizens and walking the streets to encourage and reassure them.

We seek your presence also in Russia and among her troops. Save those called to kill by leaders far removed from the blood, trauma and moral injury of war. Open the hearts of political leaders who prioritize power over people.

Bless the efforts of diplomacy, that peace may soon be seen as the most profitable and proven path. Until that day when peace shall reign, until that day when enemies stop “breathing out violence” at the borders of the innocent, let us hold onto the promise that we “shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” On behalf of those who suffer and struggle, we wait and we pray and we listen to the psalmist. “Be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”