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Seeing red — March 14, 2022

Why is everyone seeing red? This issue explores the pandemic fueled anger arising in every aspect of our social lives. Biblical examples of righteous anger, the politics of resentment, and American individualism will be explored in this issue, while poetry and prayers express the heat. Anger is a real, raw human emotion worth exploring and understanding in the light of our faith.

The right to anger Looking at the Old Testament, scholar Johanna W.H. van Wijk-Bos argues that humans have a right to anger but must consider what it means to “act well.”

Why so angry? Two pastors, Josh Howell and Rob Musick, explore the pervasiveness of American anger from their perspective in Appalachia.

The roots of American political rage Chelsea Ebin, who researches the radical Right political movement, articulates the history of political rage in America.

American Christianity’s aggressive individualism Pastor and organizer Chris Dela Cruz contrasts the connection between individualism, White supremacy, and Christianity with the call of the church.