Creation’s urgent call — May 9, 2022

Highlighting earth care, environmentalism and an overview of the climate change overtures coming to this summer’s General Assembly, this issue turns our attention to the state of creation. Readers will contemplate their relationship to nature, consider the PC(USA)’s divestment from fossil fuel, and be inspired by up-cycled gifts and the connection between food and faith.

What is nature? How philosophy and experiential learning can form a practical theology for creation care, according to Tahoe Semester Director David Williams.

Big lessons from little churches Katy Shevel reflects on the lessons she learned in pastoring a small church and the value of these congregations.

The return of the shepherd Warner Bailey writes about the trauma captured in Lamentations, chapter 1, and how pastoral caregivers can serve as witnesses for those who have no words for their pain.

Funding the PC(USA) The Special Committee on Per-Capita Based Funding and National Church Financial Sustainability will recommend a unification of two PC(USA) agencies and experimentation with new funding models to GA, writes Leslie Scanlon.

Divestment, corporate engagement and climate change The Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment will ask GA to divest from five energy companies, reports Leslie Scanlon.