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Transitional executive presbyter

The Presbytery of Milwaukee is hiring.

The Presbytery of Milwaukee is seeking God’s guidance for a transitional executive presbyter who will guide the 40 churches, one new worshipping community, a language mission and two evangelists on the process of visioning and discernment into our next stage of ministry and life together. This will include such broad considerations as organization structure, staffing and budget. Expected characteristics of this leader will be spiritual maturity, strategy and vision experience, interpersonal skills, flexibility, a motivator with a hopeful outlook. Being a teaching or ruling elder is required.

The presbytery seeks to express and embody “risk-taking for the gospel.” The transitional executive will work closely with the Presbytery Council, the Presbytery Planning Commission, the Commission on Transitional Ministry, the Presbytery Foundation and other committees and commissions to manage the day-to-day operations of the Presbytery. Oversight of the budget and financial matters are also included. The Transitional EP is expected to become familiar with the Presbytery’s programs and congregations. Our MIF is available on CLC at 72588.AAo. Benefits negotiable. Email PIF to, by November 30, 2022.

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