A Thanksgiving mealtime prayer inspired by Psalm 104

Amanda Horan offers a prayer for the Thanksgiving dinner table that focuses on creation, community and gratitude.

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

God, our Creator and Provider,

Our souls marvel at your greatness.

You formed the world and dressed it,

from head to toe,

with the waters that bring life.


You filled the earth with all creatures,

great and small.

You shaped the rocks of the mountains,

the trees of the forest,

the birds who sing from their nests,

the moon and the sun,

the lion and the blue whale.


You bring forth food and drink from the earth,

to strengthen our bodies and gladden our hearts.

As we gather around this festive table,

we give you thanks for the gift of this meal

and for the labor of people near and far

who till the land,

who tend the fields,

who harvest and gather and package and deliver,

who cook and prepare the food we will soon enjoy together.


May our sharing of this food,

our telling of good stories,

our laughter around the table,

and our memories made

be for us a continuation of our prayer,

by which join our hearts and souls

in saying thank you

thank you

thank you.