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Paul Hooker

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For the 2018 graduating class of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Three hundred fifty million years ago an urge so deep no tongue..


Blood runs in the streets. Where shall we place the blame when blood is blood, and death is death? We descend into..


It’s about the blood — joining boards at angles, edges are negotiations, prone to pinch, and nails pierce like talking points, splinters..

The Space Between

There is a space between one word and another, a gap that yawns between truth and truth, between hands reached out to..

Hard rain

The people of South Carolina October 2015   A hard rain on dry ground, grief in torrents whelms and washes away all..

At the font

poetry by Paul Hooker In memoriam, Rev. O. Floyd Hooker  (1922–2014) We sat for ninety minutes in the room where he lay..