Holy yard work

THIS SUMMER I’VE BEEN “putting my house in order.” Or to be more accurate, I’ve been trying to put my yard in..

Ruling elders?

THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE SURE HAS ITS QUIRKS. Why else are lawyers disbarred and clergy defrocked, but cowboys aren’t deranged or dry cleaners..

Zooming past grace

ONE THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN NAIROBI, I went for a walk with my friend, Anselm. We strolled through the neighborhoods that surround the..

My pastor

IN JUST A FEW DAYS, as I write these words, I will lose my pastor. After almost 20 years as the pastor..

Think rightly of God

I’ve been thinking… “Thoughts constitute the greatness of man,” wrote Pascal in “The Pensées.” He explains it this way: “I wish to..


NOT LONG AGO MY HUSBAND AND I ACQUIRED a little boat — a 1973 Swedish-built 25-foot fiberglass troller that has a reputation..