The Power of God at Home: Nurturing our Children in Love and Grace

By J. Bradley Wigger

Jossey-Bass. 2003. 224 pp. $19.95. ISBN 0-7879-5588-4

Review by Joyce MacKichan Walker, Princeton, N.J.

"The large conviction and concern of this book is that faith empowers family life and parenting" (p. 19). So states Brad Wigger in the first chapter of The Power of God at Home, and just so does he clearly summarize the purpose and usefulness of this book for ministry to, for and with families. Who, as a Christian parent, has not struggled with how to bring into our daily conversations and living our belief that God is the ground of who we are and why we exist; that this trust is one we want our children to witness in our homes and experience for themselves?

Grace: A Memoir

By Mary Cartledgehayes
Crown. 2003. 203 pp. $23. ISBN 0-609-60834-7

Review by Mary Lib Phipps, Cary, N.C.

Grace is an exciting story of the path one woman chose at a point in her life when it was neither easy nor logical. Mary Cartledgehayes shares an honest and beautifully expressed impression of a few different, yet exhilarating, years in her life.

Teaching Preaching: Isaac Rufus Clark and Black Sacred Rhetoric

By Katie Geneva Cannon

Continuum. 2002. 184 pp. $24.95. ISBN 0-8264-1441-9

— Review by Lonnie J. Oliver, College Park, Ga.

Teaching Preaching is a creative, fresh approach to teaching and learning preaching form a perspective that integrates the Word of God with everyday challenges and opportunities. The book's style helps the reader to affirm the African experience in America through sound theology and with a clear methodology.

Ministry Loves Company: A Survival Guide for Pastors

By John T. Galloway Jr.

WJKP. 2003. 168 pp. Pb. $16.95. ISBN 0-664-22584-5

Review by John D. Dalles, Longwood, Fla.

Want a long conversation with a venerable pastor reflecting on 37 years of ministry, innovative mission and congregational renewal? It's here in John Galloway's Ministry Loves Company. This is theoretical and practical advice on how congregations work and how pastors can help them work better without losing their religion.

The Cost of Moral Leadership: The Spirituality of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

By Geffrey B. Kelly and F. Burton Nelson

Eerdmans. 2003. 317 pp. Pb. $25. ISBN 0802805116

Review by James L. Mechem, Santa Fe, N.M.

There are a lot of people who know something about Bonhoeffer; many know a lot about him; two men who know a great deal about him, Kelley and Nelson, have produced an excellent study of the relation between Bonhoeffer's life, and the theological and ethical dimensions of his thought.

Reconciliation: Restoring Justice

By John W. de Gruchy

Fortress. 2002. 255 pp. Pb. $29.95. ISBN 0800636007

— Review by Aurelia T. Fule, Santa Fe, N.M.

John W. de Gruchy, professor of Christian studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, is known and esteemed by many Western readers because of his earlier works. In Reconciliation he writes:

The relatively peaceful ending of apartheid and the transition to democratic rule in South Africa did . . . take the world by surprise. It also set in motion . . . the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) established to seek the truth about the past in order to facilitate national reconciliation (p. 10).

Soaring Where Christ Has Led: Innovative Worship Ideas for the 21st Century

By Richard Avery and Donald Marsh

CSS. 2002. 180 pp. Pb. $29.95. ISBN 0-7880-1906-6

— Review by Mary Ann Lundy, Santa Fe, N.M.

Many of us cannot remember a time when we did not know and sing what came to be a noun, "Avery-and-Marsh." "Let's do an 'Avery-and-Marsh,'" we'd say, or "I'll look in Avery-and-Marsh and see what there is for Easter." Going to national meetings and conferences meant that we could see them "do their thing" in the flesh, which meant arousing passive, stone-faced Presbyterians to move and clap and dance and, yes, sing with gust.

The Invisible Child: On Reading and Writing Books for Children

By Katherine Paterson
Dutton. 2001. 266 pp. $24.99. ISBN 0-525-46482-4

— Review by Freda Gardner, Princeton, N.J.

The subtitle could be: What Makes Katherine Tick? What are the thoughts, experiences, loves, concerns that make this author so prolific, so admired around the world; so ready to speak to and with children and to care about them with a passion that marks the decades of her life? Who are the people that called forth that passion and keep it burning today? And what of God, who continues to call Katherine Paterson to many ministries, to the use of the gifts that are hers?

Jesus of Nazareth

By Dorothee Soëlle and Luise Schottroff
WJKP. 2002. 160 pp. Pb. $14.95. 0-664-22500-4

— Review by Gary Collins, Newport Beach, Calif.

Jesus of Nazareth by German theologians Dorothee Soëlle and Luise Schottroff provides a fine introduction to the feminist/liberationist view of Jesus, as well as fresh insights for those who have already had that introduction. Twenty-four gritty poems — nine from Soëlle — are spread through the text to inject into the scholarly narrative the authors' deep concern for the Earth's overlooked and exploited ones.

The Good Life: Truths That Last in Times of Need

By Peter Gomes
Harper. 2002. 388 pp. Pb. $23.95. ISBN 0-06-000075-9

— Review by Lewis F. Galloway, Columbia, S.C.

The Good Life by Peter Gomes is a fresh presentation of the challenge to live a good life by practicing virtue. His book will give rise to much discussion about the crisis of purpose in North American higher education, the meaning of virtue and the nature of the good life.