Hymns for time of tragedy

Presbyterian pastor and hymn writer, Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, has released two hymn texts for congregations wanting to sing an appropriate hymn in worship services following the tragedy in Tucson last weekend (see story in news section of this Web site or by clicking here).

Jordan retiring

HUNT, TEXAS — David W. Jordan, the president of Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly in Hunt, Texas, has announced his retirement effective fall 2011, concluding 12 years of service.

International partnerships offer ways to give — and receive

LOUISVILLE — Examples of grassroots mission partnerships can be found all over the world — some carefully planned, some springing up spontaneously. From looking at what’s happening in Latin America, Africa, and Asia — from the people she’s met, and from what she’s seen on the ground level — Miriam Adeney has some advice for congregations about how to form mission partnerships.

Arizona tragedy prompts release of hymns from Carolyn Gillette

New York, NCC — In the wake of the tragic murders in Tucson Jan. 8 of six people and the wounding of 14 people, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, two hymn-prayers are being made available by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, Presbyterian pastor and hymnist. The following two hymn texts are available for use by churches supporting the National Council of Churches and Church World Service.

A letter to you from Editor Jack Haberer

Dear Friend,

Like you, I love to access the information that's available for free on the Internet. Like you, I know it costs money for folks to report, edit and produce the news and commentary that informs me. 

We at The Outlook love providing the news and analysis, the resources and commentaries that you find helpful and informative. But it is costing us to do the research, the writing, the editing, and the layout. Even though we're a non-profit organization, we pay just as much as any other media for IT services, for reporters' travel, for staff salaries and benefits, and the like.


“Covenant Network Convocation Dinner
General Assembly - Minneapolis
July 2, 2010

They call it “coming out” – the process of discovering and accepting who you are, and then sharing that identity with other people.

Chastity, the Book of Order, and the Reformed faith

One of the abiding criticisms from opponents of the Fidelity/Chastity ordination standard in the Book of Order (G.6-0106.b) has been that the term “chastity” is unclear in meaning. Recently, Dr. Mark Achtemeier raised this same objection in his recent debate with the Rev. Mark Loudon, that the chastity language in the Book of Order is “confusing.”