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Hedonism, Narcissism, and the Competency of Western Culture to Change the Theology and Practice of the Church.

As the German writer Goethe put it “when eras are in decline all tendencies are subjective, but when matters are ripening for a new epoch, all tendencies are objective.”

“The cultures of North America and of Western Europe are in decline. They are obsessed with sexuality and have narcissistic and hedonistic tendencies, which, when combined with a desire for immediate gratification, are literally killing them….How can anyone think that morally sick and dying North American and European cultures are in any way competent to overturn 1970 years of Christian biblical interpretation about human sexuality and to completely ignore the testimony of the larger (and healthier) worldwide church which affirms that same-gender sexual practice is sinful?”

GA 2010: Assembly approves amended peacemaking overture

On its final night of deliberations, the 219th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) considered the report on its Committee on Peacemaking and International Issues (minus a major report on the Middle East, which was presented by another committee and considered separately earlier).