Church Elders and Deacons Fully Equipped

Greetings Outlook reader!
Are your church's elders and deacons fully equipped to fulfill the duties of their office? 
Have they become dynamic to the point of being dangerous for God?
Would you like to help unleash their gifts for Christian service? ...and unleash the great potential God has invested into your church?

College Issue

What does the future hold for the high school students in your family, your church, your neighborhood?  You can help them choose a college or university that will nurture their souls and ennoble their activities while informing their minds. 

GA: Foundation and GAC begin new courtship

SAN JOSE – They had to endure some scolding, but the General Assembly Council (GAC) and the Presbyterian Foundation seem to have found a path for resolving future disputes over the disbursement of funds — disagreements that, during the meeting of the 218th General Assembly, slid messily out into public view.