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GA News: Door may be opening to ordaining gays and lesbians?

SAN JOSE, Cal. -- Commissioners to the 218th General Assembly have voted to change the denomination’s constitution to approve the ordination of gay and lesbian persons, a change that will require ratification by a majority of the 173 regional presbyteries over the next year. 

GA News: One more day

SAN JOSE — Two years ago while attending the 217th General Assembly meeting in Birmingham, Ala., I wrote a short piece about living each day with the sobering diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Quite frankly, I didn’t expect to be here in San Jose, nor did I think I’d be writing another epistle about me!

GA News: Mission Initiative campaign announces surprise $33 million

SAN JOSE — In a surprise report June 26 to the 218th General Assembly, the Mission Initiative: Joining Hearts and Hands [] (MIJHH) honorary campaign chair, the Rev. Tom Gillespie, announced that the campaign had raised pledges totaling $33 million as it nears the end of the $40 million effort to renew the church for mission.