GA News: Committee accepts Dallas invitation

SAN JOSE — After hearing former GA Moderator, Rick Ufford-Chase, declare that the Dallas Invitation “represents a new day and a new way,” the Mission Coordination and Budgets committee voted unanimously, 60-0, today (June 23) to recommend its adoption by the General Assembly.

GA News: Powerful worship unites Assembly in two sites

SAN JOSE — Thousands of Presbyterians gathered Sunday, June 22 for the opening worship service of the 218th General Assembly, summoned out of the sunny morning by two bagpipes acting as Shofar. Simultaneous services for commissioners and visitors ensued at buildings a mile apart with a satellite link connecting them.

GA News: Drama reveals saga of Katrina victims, responders

SAN JOSE — Five simple cots, random pieces of clothing and a host of chairs and suitcases littered the stage at the Club Regent at the Fairmont Hotel here, temporarily transforming the elegant space into a makeshift homeless shelter in Baton Rouge, LA, for the stage play, “The Name of the Rain.”

GA News: Commissioners submit 13 resolutions

SAN JOSE, June 22, 2008 — The opportunity to add commissioner resolutions to the 218th General Assembly closed 10 a.m. Sunday morning with 13 of the 17 submitted being referred to committees, based on action of the Bills and Overtures Committee.