Pope Francis

“Let us ask ourselves: Are we open to ‘God’s surprises’? Or are we closed and fearful before the newness of the Holy..

Todd Gitlin

“Universities are not fallout shelters. Brutalities cry for attention. Attention to the appalling causes disturbance. Deal with it. You’re at school to..

Gay Clark Jennings

(RNS) “Sometimes a tragedy happens and people move on after a couple of weeks. This particular tragedy has caused many people to..


(PNS) “I believe that when Jesus withdraws he goes back to the words he heard at his baptism: ‘You are God’s beloved;..

Pope Francis

(RNS) “Mothers, give your children milk — even now. If they cry because they are hungry, breast-feed them, don’t worry.” POPE FRANCIS, while baptizing..

Pope Francis

(RNS) “Building peace is difficult, but living without peace is a torment!”  POPE FRANCIS, in an appeal from “the bottom of my heart” to..

Tim Keller

“In the Internet age, Mark Driscoll definitely built up the evangelical movement enormously. But the brashness and the arrogance and the rudeness..

Ken Niumatalolo

“This is who I am, this is how I was raised. My faith determines all of my decisions.” KEN NIUMATALOLO, devout Mormon..