J. Herbert Nelson II

“Churches must provide a moral compass for the nation by getting outside their buildings, engaging in their communities, and shaping public policies..

John Chalmers

“Recovery and healing [are] a soul searching matter and, for me, that is deeply spiritual — so no quick fix. Instead, it..

Victoria Osteen

(RNS) “When you come to church, when you worship him, you’re not doing it for God really. You’re doing it for yourself,..

Samuel Rodriguez

“There’s still angst in the pews, but if they listen more to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John than to Rush Limbaugh, they’ll..

Gradye Parsons

“Not one more name, Israeli or Palestinian, should be added to this list. The violence must stop.” Stated Clerk GRADYE PARSONS, in..

Bradley Longfield

“Yes. Presbyterianism still influences culture every Sunday in little colonies across the country where people gather to pray and to hear the..

Pope Francis

(RNS) “This indifference makes you sick. Once again we have to repeat the name of the illness that makes us feel so..

Ron Stief

(RNS) “Equating baptism to an act of torture like waterboarding is sacrilegious — and particularly surprising coming from you as someone who..