TOP 10 Presbyterian stories from 2011

Exactly how Presbyterians would rank the top news of 2011 in the denomination, and how they would characterize what happened, will depend on their perspective. Here’s an effort to recap some of the biggest developments of the year. Feel free to make your own list.

What in the church is a council?

Here I will confess, if that’s the appropriate word, I myself am a lapsed Presbyterian. It’s the diction that did it, finally, the worn-thin, shabby, church-poor words, so overused they connote to me a poverty of spirit, not the richness of it.

E.L. Doctorow, The Waterworks

Finding the right college

No college is right for everyone. But
anyone planning to go to college can,
with a little research, find schools
that are a good match for his or her
interests, abilities and personality.

ARMSS: Good as gold

In the 25th chapter of Matthew, we hear of the master who left his holdings to three servants in varying numbers of talents, an ancient denomination of money. One received five talents, one received two and one got a single talent.


Ever gone to a presbytery meeting and wondered before you got out of the car who you might encounter? Here is a cheat sheet that will help prepare you to identify who is attending by checking the kinds of cars in the parking lot.


You’ve mastered Greek parsing, decoded Hebrew, passed your ordination exams and now are dreaming in the confusing acronymic language that is seeking a first call: With the approval of my CPM, I’m self-referring my PIF to the PNC after reading their CIF on the CLC … .