What will you sing on Pentecost?

What will you sing on Pentecost?  Will your congregation grasp the full impact of the gift of the Holy Spirit?

New Hymn for Pentecost with the hymn text and music together.

Renowned hymn writer, Carolyn Gillette, has penned uplifting, “Pentecost Had Come” to the tune of "Canto de Esperanza/Song of Hope” for your congregation’s use.  Lyrics may be downloaded and printed for free –  see below.  OR for just $9.95 you can download a print master of the new hymn with all the musical notes needed for everyone to sing along.  This is a full 8.5 by 11 inch format, so the print is clear and bold. Click here to purchase

Let your Pentecost celebration soar on this song of the Spirit!



Living liturgy

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