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Taking a stand on unity

"I held the conviction that if anything could unite us amidst our differences, it had to be Jesus," writes Doug Basler.

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Black Liturgies: Prayers, Poems and Meditations for Staying Human

For anyone feeling hollowed out by the litany of grief that envelops our news cycles, family systems and church communities, there is plenty of grace to be gained from her bodily prayers ... invitations to contemplation ... and calls to an undivided life. — Emily McGinley

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In defense of the common congregation

Scott Hagley suggests small congregations as places for cultivating communities of abundance and care, as common places for social healing and spiritual renewal.

In praise of Messy Church

Christ-centered, intentionally intergenerational, creative, hospitable and celebratory, this church isn’t easy, but it’s magnificent, writes Jenny McDevitt.

Politics and grief

Is your church mostly blue, largely red or solidly purple? Whatever the case, pastoral theologian Eileen Campbell-Reed wants you to prioritize and ritualize your congregation’s grief to help you find your way in this new era of ministry.

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Discussion guide for February 2024 issue

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Purple church possibilities

Whether you desire a new building or a new interpretation of Scripture, progress cannot be made if leaders are conflict-averse, writes Teri McDowell Ott.

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A Matthew 18 church

A Matthew 18 church is one where welcome is practiced, conflict is named, grace is extended, and God is present, writes Eliza Jaremko.

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