Grace for complexity

As I write this, my husband is cooking dinner. That’s a word I’m still getting used to — not “cooking,” Christopher loves..

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The Spirit at work

Several years ago, at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, I attended a Styberg Library lecture by Stephen Ray Jr. that..


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Liberating letters (May 1)

Uniform Lesson for May 1, 2022 Scripture passage and lesson focus: Romans 6:1-14 We now shift from the Gospels to the letters..

Liberating Gospels (April 24)

Uniform Lesson for April 24, 2022 Scripture passage and lesson focus: John 8:31-38 We now move into Eastertide with the good news..

Liberating Gospels (April 17)

Uniform Lesson for April 17, 2022 Scripture passage and lesson focus: Matthew 28:1-10 Having arrived at this Easter Sunday by way of..

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Tech watch: Pomodoro Technique

In a world full of distractions – social media, breaking news, family responsibilities, group texts, cute dog videos, never-ending email – the..

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