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When Narcissism Comes to Church

"'(S)imple identification of an experience does not amount to healing.' Those of us who engage in clinical work to treat people presenting with symptoms of narcissism know that change is hard and takes time, and DeGroat cautions that healing and transformation is difficult work."

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Paul Smith: A light in the darkness

Leslie Scanlon profiles the noted Presbyterian pastor and theologian whose livelong work was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s concept of the beloved community.

A faithful Third Act

Environmental stewardship fuels Patricia Tull’s work with Baby Boomers to provide a brighter future for generations to come.

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Discussion guide for January 2023 issue

In each issue of the Outlook, we include a discussion guide to further reflect on the issue. We recommend using this guide in your Bible study, small group or book club. It's our invitation into a faithful conversation.


Infused with life

Teri McDowell Ott previews Outlook's January 2023 issue "The Third Act," which highlights some extraordinary contributions older adults are making to the church and world.

Living theology

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Podcast Review

Podcast review: “FUQ”

A podcast exploring all the "Frequently Unasked Questions" of faith. Three self-identified minoritized women in ministry share their opinions on faith, life and formation.

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Death without regret

Ashley Brown spent a month with her beloved, dying grandmother before she passed. In this essay, she reflects on their conversations about death and the unending gift of love.