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The Bible in the Early Church

Justo González William B. Eerdmans, 204 pages Published March 8, 2022 Long ago, Augustine was converted to Christian faith when a still,..

Atlas of the Heart

Brené Brown Random House, 336 page Published November 30, 2021 Brené Brown, the researcher whose writings on shame and vulnerability have made..

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The right to anger

In “A nation on hold wants to speak with a manager,” journalist Sarah Lyall describes the way people currently fly off the..


Seeing red

Debates over masks, vaccines and critical race theory have escalated. Brawls are breaking out on airplanes. In my small town’s rural district,..

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Liberating letters (May 22)

There was one member of my regular Sunday morning class who consistently protested any lesson that mentioned circumcision. He found it exclusionary, offensive and most of all embarrassing.

Liberating letters (May 15)

Uniform Lesson for May 15, 2022 Scripture passage and lesson focus: Galatians 3:18-29 Truth be told, freedom is not the first thing..

Liberating letters (May 8)

Uniform lesson for May 8, 2022 Scripture passage and lesson focus: Romans 8:18-30 We continue our perusal of liberating letters with a..

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Tech Watch

Tech watch: Realm

With over 40 years of experience providing services and software to churches of all sizes, ACS Technologies (ACST) offers an amazing church..