Comfort in hard things

"There is a beauty when everything is in its correct place and we move from A to B. But that’s not how life works. I’m pretty sure that’s not how God works either."

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My hope for this GA: Run to catch up with the Holy Spirit

"I see our call to be the church in the 21st century as God daring us to look deep into our identity as believers during social, political and theological turmoil, daring us to be grounded yet flexible enough to thrive in a rapidly changing context."

There’s a committee for that: Why I’m Presbyterian

"The Presbyterian church has given me so much: a voice, an unrelenting passion for making our world better, compassion for others, a deep appreciation for diversity. And on my bad days, when the news is filled with despair, I take heart in knowing that somewhere within the PC(USA), there’s a committee working faithfully to solve it."

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Tech watch: Grammarly

Whether you’re writing in Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Wordpress, Grammarly reviews your writing and makes suggestions to improve it.

What's right?

What’s right with Pullman Presbyterian Church?

"Our congregation and community relationship ministry has a way of incorporating a lot of our other ministries to serve members, as well as the community; even in the middle of a pandemic, they haven’t missed a beat."