dying plant

A work in progress

Jenny McDevitt reflects that hope finds a way; that creation hasn’t given up on us yet, despite overwhelming rationale for doing so; that, while it may be too late to fix everything, we can still fix some things.

Book Reviews

Humbler Faith, Bigger God: Finding a Story to Live By

By recognizing the sincerity of doubt and disbelief and accepting criticism of the church as a “gift of a critical friend,” Samuel Wells applies his head and heart to forging a way forward that is more inclusive and accessible.

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The return of the shepherd God

Warner Bailey writes about the trauma captured in Lamentations, chapter 1, and how pastoral caregivers can serve as witnesses for those who have no words for their pain.

What is nature?

Philosophy and experiential learning form a practical theology in the Tahoe Semester program.


Nature personified 

In adrienne maree brown’s futuristic short story “the river,” a Detroit girl makes extra money by taking passengers on boat tours.

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Swiss chard

Food and faith

How food can help restore our relationship with the earth and with each other.

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