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Christianity as a Way of Life: A Systematic Theology

"[Kevin W.] Hector makes complicated ideas feel more familiar, covering abstract and complicated debates within Christian theology in a way that even those new to the conversation can understand," writes Samuel McCann.

The Comfort of Crows: A Backyard Year 

"New York Times columnist Margaret Renkl delivers a 'literary devotional' that calls us to stop ... peer ... listen ... ponder ... consider — all as she describes the holiness of creation without religious language or beliefs," writes Amy Pagliarella.

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What’s the matter with theological education?

Barbara Wheeler examines the critical and constructive project led by Ted Smith of Candler School of Theology that predicts professional models of ministry, denominations and congregations will not survive in their current form.

Regatta sailing ship yachts with white sails at opened sea. Aerial view of sailboat in windy condition.

Sailing with the spirit

As we seek and follow God’s will, we are drawn deeper into the partnership with God, writes Joan Gray.

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Discussion guide for October 2023 issue

In each issue of the Outlook, we include a discussion guide to further reflect on the issue. We recommend using this guide in your Bible study, small group or book club. It's our invitation into a faithful conversation.


Change in the borderlands

When it comes to theological leadership, we are in borderland, writes Teri McDowell Ott. How do we address change in this space?

Faithful conversations

Mastering the divine

Jenny McDevitt shares her faithful conversation about theological education with two recent graduates and current pastors with Sarah Speed and TJ Remaley.

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A poem by Kathryn Lester-Bacon.

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