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Everything changed on Sept. 11, including world mission. Our staff in Worldwide Ministries in Louisville did a good job of immediately contacting all of our mission workers around the world.

Stay Together

We shared the joy and privilege of serving as co-chairs of the Joint Committee on Presbyterian Union, from 1969 to 1983. Like many of your regular readers we rejoiced in the breakdown of barriers which had stood for 122 years, and the creation of a newly reconciled church, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Task force faces a daunting task; reporting process is questioned

It's sort of like the mom trying to clean up the kids while they're still playing in the mud pile -- a task force created to study theological issues and lead the church in spiritual discernment, just getting started at a time when the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is talking openly about a possible split and preparing to vote on the divisive issue of ordaining gays and lesbians.

Pastors under 40 face unique challenges

Charity Forbes suspects that, because she's 28, she gets away with some things, such as wearing jeans to the office or toe rings, that might be challenged if she were an older pastor. But she's also living out firsthand some of the difficulties of being a young, single minister in a denomination that's aging -- and in a culture where many of her peers don't view the ministry as a desirable or compelling line of work.

The Wired Presbytery

A connectional presbytery in this Internet culture is a wired presbytery. An underlying theological premise driving this concept is the realization that God has providentially placed us in a technologically advanced period. Not to use the communication media available to us for advancing the gospel would be like the Apostle Paul deciding not to write letters.

The Theological Task Force Membership

The current moderator and two most recent past moderators of the General Assembly have selected the following 21 persons to serve on the Theological Task Force requested by the 213th General Assembly. Gary Demarest and Jean S. Stoner will serve as co-moderators.

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