Both Pre-GA and Post-GA225 bulletin inserts


Order both the pre- and post-GA bulletin inserts for a combined, discounted price of $50.

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What’s coming to the 2022 General Assembly? How will you explain the actions of GA to your congregation?

The 225th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) meeting this June and July is shaping up to be an assembly like no other in a hybrid, three-week format.

Many issues will be discussed and debated including climate change, gun violence, the pandemic, race relations and the restructuring of the Presbyterian Mission Agency. Once again, the Hands and Feet Initiative will lead Presbyterians to advocate for social justice. A special Juneteenth worship service is being planned as well as opportunities to learn about this commemoration that marks the formal end of slavery in the U.S.

Keep your church members informed with two bulletin inserts that contain Outlook’s fast, accurate and fair reporting. With these two resources, your congregation can learn both what’s coming to GA and learn what decisions are ultimately made at the assembly. When you order, you will receive a digital version of the bulletin insert that you can either print and add to your Sunday bulletin or email out to the congregation.

How do I order?

You can order just the pre-GA bulletin insert for $30. Order today!

You can order just the post-GA bulletin insert for $30. Order today!

Or, you can order both the pre- and post-GA bulletin inserts for a combined, discounted price of $50. Order today using this webpage!

What do I get when I order?

You will receive a zip file that contains a group of .pdfs: an English version, a large-print English version, a Spanish version and a Korean version. All versions will be in full-color and easy to read. They will all come in full-page and half-page options. They will be ready to email to your congregation and/or print and insert into your Sunday bulletin.

When will I get the bulletin inserts?

We will be publishing two bulletin inserts: one that covers all the news you need to know going into GA and a second that succinctly covers all the top news after GA wraps up. The first bulletin is now available. The second bulletin will be available on July 13 by noon, and it will be emailed to all pre-orders.

Order both the pre-GA and post-GA bulletin inserts today!


Email or call Renee Westry 1-804-494-8034 Ext.752 with questions and/or for presbytery pricing.