Fresh Outlook Bible Studies: Fall 2023 bundle


Fresh takes on enduring questions of faith.


Young adults have questions — “Who is the devil?” “What are spiritual practices?” “Who are the badass women of the Bible?” and more.

Fresh Outlook Bible Studies introduces each question, examines it from various perspectives, and finally asks, “So what?” Each four-session study is full of compelling stories, interpretive angles, accessible media links, and encouragement to contemplate God’s word maybe for the first time.


Each Fresh Outlook Bible Study includes four sessions. Each session offers the facilitators:

  • Tips for preparation
  • A supply list
  • Suggestions for opening and closing prayers
  • An introduction to the topic at hand and how Christians have understood it
  • Opportunities to “try on” aspects of the topic
  • Key takeaways
  • Suggestions for inviting participants as co-leaders


When you purchase the bundle, you are buying three four-session lessons.

“The Devil You Say” by Mark D. Hinds

Session 1: The Satan in popular culture
Session 2: The Satan of the Hebrew scriptures
Session 3: Jesus and Satan
Session 4: Satan: So What?

Be afraid! Be very afraid! Or not! What’s the deal with the devil? Is he someone? Is he someone to fear? Does it matter whether we acknowledge the devil at all? And what does Jesus have to say about all this? Take a panoramic tour of Satan’s development from God’s prosecuting attorney to the source of quintessential evil himself.

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“Breathe” by Letarshia C. Robinson

Session 1: Heart
Session 2: Hands
Session 3: Voice
Session 4: Body

Explore enduring practices of spiritual connection. The Spirit that hovered over the waters of creation and ignited a movement of faith worldwide comes to each of us in the breath of God. Practice breathing with your heart (lectio divina), your hands (journaling, coloring, drawing and finger labyrinth), your voice (laughing, crying, rejoicing and protesting), and your body (improv, dance, delight and silliness).

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“Badass Women of the Bible” by Katrina Pekich-Bundy

Session 1: Advocates and activists
Session 2: Privilege and platform
Session 3: Binaries and dualisms
Session 4: Voice and verse

Be challenged by the Bible’s witness to the power and persistence of women of faith. While the church has romanticized biblical women as either virgins or whores, the Bible reveals myriad examples of strong, badass women who were determined to stand against dehumanization and oppression. They called on us to do the same.

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“As a college chaplain, I’m asked about how faith and life merge in our ever-changing world. No topic is off-limits when it comes to college students. I am grateful for this new curriculum because it addresses the topics and concerns of today’s young adults. It will be an added value to my ministry and any ministry that is walking alongside this generation of seekers.”

— Margaret Alsup, college chaplain and director of service at Lyon College

“Young people yearn for real conversations, strong bible study and relevant faith practices. Fresh Outlook Bible Studies does just that, essential for our faith formation in the church. The “Breathe” series connects our faith practices right to our core of breathing, a practice our young people are desperate to understand and learn in this anxious world.”

— Michelle Thomas-Bush, associate pastor for youth and their families at Myers Park Presbyterian Church

Fresh Outlook Bible Studies from Presbyterian Outlook is one of the rare jewels that belongs in the library of everyone who works with youth and young adults. … Deep attention is given to relevance and honesty, as well as authentic connections to what Scripture teaches us about these challenging topics. The lessons are well-written and easy for leaders to use. … The flexibility and depth of this resource is not to be missed. Add it to your ‘get this’ list.”

Elizabeth Christie, Practical Resources for Churches resource center

“When you are in ministry with college students, you can spend hours looking for a good curriculum you can use for Bible study. Is the topic interesting? How much time will you have to spend editing it to work in your own context — and do you have that time? Do you have the materials you will need? Can you hand it to a student leader?

Look no further because the Fresh Outlook Bible Studies curriculum is here! Published by the Presbyterian Outlook, they are resources that can be trusted to combine an awareness of the spiritual lives of young adults with theological and biblical integrity. I highly recommend these easy-to-use resources.”

— Gini Norris-Lane, executive director of UKirk Campus Ministries in the Presbyterian Mission Agency

What do I get when I purchase?

When you purchase the fall 2023 bundle, you will receive “The Devil You Say,” “Breathe” and “Badass Women of the Bible.” This is a $75 value available for $60. Each four-session lesson will arrive in your inbox as a digital download.


Want a sample? You can view one here.

More Fresh Outlook                     

Did you know that Fresh Outlook Bible Studies is a limited series from the Outlook? In December 2023, we released a new bundle of lessons exploring the questions: “What does the Bible say about sex?” “What power do I have to make a difference in the world?” and “Am I made in God’s image?”

We plan to release another bundle in June 2024. Developed from real questions asked by young adults, such as campus ministry groups, young adult groups, and high school youth, we hope this offering makes planning for high school, college, and young adult ministries easy and fruitful.

Mark D. Hinds, Ed.D., is the Fresh Outlook Bible Studies series editor. Mark is a retired writer, editor and publisher for Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) curriculum development. He has degrees from Trinity University, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the Presbyterian School of Christian Education (now Union Presbyterian Seminary). His 1994 dissertation was titled The Book of Proverbs: Toward Alternative Pedagogical Principles for Confirmation in the PC(USA). He is the writer of Presbyterian Outlook’s Changing the World confirmation curriculum. In retirement, he enjoys writing for the church. Mark lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his partner and spouse, Rev. Dr. Peggy C. Hinds.