O God of Mighty Wind and Flame: A Hymn in Response to the Fires in California




ELLACOMBE  CMD  (“I Sing the Mighty Power of God ” or “Hail to the Lord’s Anointed”)

O God of mighty wind and flame who fills your church with power,

We gather here in Jesus’ name, to ask your help this hour.

When nature’s might seems far too strong and flames are swirling high,

When days bring fear and nights are long, Lord, hear your people’s cry.

Some, having not the time to pack, lost all they left behind;

We pray that when they can go back, your strength is what they’ll find.

As they are grieving, bending low to sift through ash and stone,

We pray that soon, again, they’ll know the comfort of a home.

Some labor hard for little pay; their blessings seem so few.

They don’t have homes to save this day–God, keep them close to you.

Some risk their lives and give up sleep, to fight the fires so long;

In this, the vigil that they keep, God, keep them safe and strong.

O God in whom we live and move– when lives are torn apart,

Give us, your church, abundant love to heal each broken heart.

And when we see our neighbors’ pain, give us the grace to share,

Till like a gentle, needed rain, new hope will fill the air.


Tune:   Gesangbuch der Herzogl, Wirtembergischen Katholischen Hofkapelle, 1784; alt. 1868
Text: Copyright © 2007 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette.  All rights reserved.

Permission is given to churches supporting relief efforts to use this hymn.